February 20, 2024


Passage – II
Modem-day critics of vaccination are concemed the (6) ………vaccination play a role in autoimmune disease and autism, though large-scale scientific studies have failed to find a link.
In the generic sense, the process of triggering immune response, in an effo –to protect against infectious disease, works by ‘priming’ the immune system with an ‘immunogen’ stimulating immune response, via use of an infectious agent, known as immunization. Vaccinations (7) …… the administration of one or more immunnogens, in the form of live, but weakened (Attenuated) infectious agents which (8) ……… are either weaker, but closely related spices (as with smallpox and cowpox), or strains weakened by some process. In such cases, an immunogen called a vaccine.
Some modern vaccines are administered after the patient already has contracted a disease, as in the cases of experimental AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease vaccines. Vaccinia given after exposure to smallpox, within the first four days, is reported to (9) ……… the disease considerably, as vaccination within the first week is though to be beneficial to a degree. The essential theory behind such immunization is that the vaccine triggers (10)…… immune response that the natural infection itself.

Ques 31:

  • childhood
  • adulthood
  • childish
  • children


Ques 32:

  • produce
  • involve
  • need
  • acquaint


Ques 33:

  • virtually
  • normally
  • usually
  • always


Ques 34:

  • attenuate
  • diminish
  • eradicate
  • disappear


Ques 35:

  • super
  • huge
  • enormous
  • superior


Ques 36: use the correct articles in the sentence :
I went to ……… hills for……..holidays. I visited Lansdowne,……….small hill town on……..slope of ………..Himalaya.

  • the ,a, a, the, the
  • the, the, a, ‘a, a
  • the, the, a, the, the
  • a, the, the, a, a

the ,a, a, the, the

Ques 37: What type of adverbs are words underlined in the sentence :
In a week’s time the Sun will start rising early.

  • Duration, time
  • Duration,Duration
  • Duration, Manner
  • none of these

Duration, time

Ques 38: Which of the adjectives can be used to fill in the blanks in the sentence : Rita is as ……..as Mita, definitely ……..than Gita and perhaps the ………in the class

  • More Beautiful, most beautiful, beautiful
  • beautiful, more beautiful, beautiful
  • beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful
  • none of these

beautiful, more beautiful, beautiful

Ques 39: Which of the following coniunctions would be appropriate to fill in the blank in the sentence :
Rita ………..Gita is very intelligent.

  • as well as
  • but
  • or
  • and

as well as

Ques 40: Speech delivered without previous thought or preparation is called …..

  • oration
  • Extempore
  • Harangue
  • Very good speech


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