December 8, 2023


Ques 41: Choose the alternative which best expresses meaning of the underlined idiom phrase in the sentence :
He is always praised for his gift of the gab.

  • Being lucky
  • talent of speaking
  • Great skill
  • none of these

talent of speaking

Ques 42: Which of these nouns is appropriate to be used in the sentence, the audience …………clapping at the Joker’s antics.

  • share
  • is
  • have
  • none of these


Ques 43: Person of good appearance and manners.

  • Debonair
  • Adonis
  • Courteous
  • Social


Ques 44: Which of the following preposition is suitable to fill in the blank :
Nobody is ………the reach of the law ?

  • beyond
  • above
  • over
  • beside


Ques 45: They were ………off by the Police after questioning.

  • made
  • got
  • let
  • none of these


Ques 46: Choose the word opposite in meaning to RETICENT :

  • Forward
  • Developed
  • Communicative
  • None of these


Ques 47: Which is the Possessive Pronoun of the Possessive Adjective in the sentence :
it’s our trophy now.

  • the trophy is ours now
  • now the trophy is our
  • it is our trophy now
  • none of these

the trophy is ours now

Ques 48: which are the appropriate adverbs that can be used to fill in the blanks in the sentence :
Raja works very ……….but his brother Rajat ………works.

  • hard, hardly
  • hard, harder
  • hardly, hardier
  • hardly, harder

hard, hardly

Ques 49: Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of : ALERT

  • watchful
  • brave
  • quick
  • none of these


Ques 50: What is the ‘abstract Noun’ of the adjective ‘brief’ ?

  • brave
  • brevity
  • briefness
  • none of these


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