December 4, 2023


Ques 21: In a computer processing takes place in ……..

  • Memory
  • Ram
  • CPU
  • None of these


Ques 22: Resulable optical storage will typically have the acronym.

  • CD
  • ROM
  • RW
  • none of these


Ques 23: Which of these is a point and draw device ?

  • Scanner
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • CD-ROM


Ques 24: A computer cannot boot if it does not have the……..

  • Compiler
  • Loader
  • Operating System
  • Assembler

Operating System

Ques 25: Digital photos and scanned images are typically stored as ………. Graphics with extensions such as bmp, jpg, tif or gif.

  • Bitmap
  • Either vector or bitmap
  • Neither vector nor bitmap
  • Silver bromide photos


Part –III (English)
Questions 1 to 10 : Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Passage – 1
In 1012 the British explorer captain Falcon Scott and his men were caught in a fierce blizzard and perished while returning to their base camp after year by Sir Emest Shackleton. Scott was found holding in his dead hand an unfinished letter addressed to his author-friedn, james Barrie. After describing the blizzard and impending doom, scott wrote that he and his colleagues were spending the time singing songs and making pleasant conversation. Below these lines he had written in bold letters one word –COURAGE. When he retured to England, shackleton handed over the letter or james barrie, who read it and kept it in a box. A few years leter, to Sir James developed some defect in his right hand because of which he could not hold a pen. The author despaired of ever being able to wrote again. One day, in a despondent mood, he took out Sctt’s letter and readit again. It lifted his spirits, and set him thinking. If Scott and his men could remain cheerful in the face of certain death, could he too, not learn to face adversity bravely ? he picked up his pen and began practicing writing with is left hand. In a few weeks he could write perfectly well with it.

Ques 26: Robert Falcon Scott and his men were killed when :

  • they were going to the South Pole
  • they reached the South Pole
  • they were returning from the South Pole
  • their tent got buried under snow

they were returning from the South Pole

Ques 27: Just before his death, Scott :

  • was singing songs
  • was writing a letter
  • was writing the word-COURAGE
  • was putting the letter in a box

was writing a letter

Ques 28: james was sad and without hope because he feared that :

  • he could not hold a pen
  • he could not meet his friend
  • he would not be able to write again
  • he would not be able to write his right hand

he would not be able to write again

Ques 29: the word impending can be replaced by :

  • overcoming
  • warning
  • waiting
  • approaching


Ques 30: A lesson that this passage teaches us is :

  • Never Take Risks
  • Never Give up Courage
  • Do not Despair
  • Learn How to Survive in Blizzards

Never Give up Courage

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